Home improvement and innovation is a continuous process and with the growing enthusiasm in home development the need for easy to operate installation tools is growing. A Viking arm tool is an installation tool that is used in the installation of cabinets, windows, fences, doors, kitchens and many more flooring tools by Orxy. 

The Viking arm tool has various features and key specifications that enable it to perform different tasks effectively and in adherence to safety and quality standards. 

What are the features and specifications of the Viking arm tool? 

  • It is made with stainless steel 
  • It has international technical solution’s patent 
  • The Viking arm tool has been tested by the relevant bodies 
  • High quality components 
  • Operation range-The operation range is 6-215 (mm) which is quite a wide range. 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • It has mounting holes to enhance safe operations and thereby avoid unnecessary accidents and damage to property. 

The Viking arm tool uses 

To replace “traditional” tools 

The Viking arm tool can be used as a replacement of a combination of traditional tools. The fatigue and expense that comes with the use of many tools instead of one makes it ideal especially for construction dealers and home improvement experts. 

Building stairs 

The Viking arm tool can be used to build stairs in the construction industry. 

Mounting kitchens 

The Viking arm tool allows you to jack the cabinet, appropriate height adjustment and   screwing even without extra hands. 

The ability to work alone and still produce quality work in association with a service or product is a sure way of producing desirable outcomes.  

Lifting, pressing and tightening 

The Viking tool provides an opportunity to perform all three activities with just one tool and in a precise and controlled manner. It can be hard while using different tools to perform these functions especially without an extra pair of hands. 

Fitting of heavy and light doors 

Fitting doors at home can be a daunting task especially the heavy doors. The Viking arm tool allows you to easily do your heavy door fittings. Light door fitting with a Viking arm tool is even easier. 

Construction of porches  

A Viking arm tool can be used to construct a porch. Its immense range and capacity allows it to be useful in the construction of an outdoor area. 

Installation of cabinets and windows 

The most obvious usage of the Viking arm tool is the installation of windows and cabinets. It is a great tool for these kinds of home installation for home owners and the experts in the construction industry. 

The Viking arm tool, has a number of uses in home installations and the construction industry .it is an innovation that has inspired creativity and enhanced quality. It is important to gain better understanding on the operations of the Viking arm tool and whether it is the right tool for you in terms of affordability, accessibility and ease of use.